Don't Press The Button 2 is a simple game involving, you, a red button, and that thing you call a computer... moose? Meese? Mice? Mouse? It's mouse? Alright.

Install instructions

For systems using the HTML version:


(A) Download the offline version and extract it, then open index.html in your browser


(B) Play on this page!

For systems using the Linux version:

Extract the .zip file. Open a terminal in the directory containing said files, and run "./dptb2". (The file should already be chmod'd so that it can be executed, if not, run "chmod +x dptb2")

For systems using the Windows version:

WARNING: The following version has not been tested on a Windows system. Running it on Wine gave an error.

Extract the .zip file. Double-click "dptb2.exe," or make a shortcut to it.


Download 47 MB
Download 51 kB
Download 48 MB